About Us

Branching Narrative is a business dedicated to the creation of product with interactive narrative.

Formed in 2019, the company is run by its two founders

Matt Spall

Co founder

Mark Ripley

Co founder

Branching Narrative is a new business formed by two games industry veterans.

After working together on a number of projects, Matt and Mark saw an opportunity in late 2018, when they built an interactive video project for an insurance company. Building a small demo with a few choices and Matt acting, the initial proof-of-concept was built, and the rest is history.

Matt is a BAFTA winning games industry entrepreneur of over 30 years and has previously built-up and sold three highly innovative game studios. He leads design and production processes alongside general management.

Mark has built several businesses and teams, developing and delivering interactive content since 1981.  He leads development, alongside architecting long term engine design.  

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