Our engine

Branching Narrative has a long term vision for its engine and is adapting and evolving it constantly, not only for its own releases, but for clients in need of interactive narrative content.


Our engine is designed, from the ground up, to run on multiple platforms and operating systems, meaning it can deliver to any platform from web browsers, through set-top-boxes, to the latest desktops and consoles.

Highly adaptable

Our engine is highly flexible.

The first adaption of our engine, Deathtrap Dungeon: The Interactive Video Adventurereleased in early 2020. A subsequent use of the engine was for The Ten From 30 quiz, a free online quiz that selects a random 10 questions from 30 and allows the player to post their score to Facebook or Twitter to challenge their friends and family.

The engine can be adapted to a broad range of purposes, these include training, marketing, education, quizzes, and on.

Reach out to us on email, or via our social media links to discuss opportunites.

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